Friday, March 15, 2013

Tips and Toes

I'm way too old for neon green.
I did it on a dare.
But now that glow is on my nails, I flaunt them everywhere.

My toes are teal for contrast.
They're better off that way.
Coordination's not for me, I like the disarray.

Don't judge me by my grey hair or the wrinkles on my face.
My heart is young.   I'll have some fun.
My digits state my case.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting this annual challenge.


  1. Love it! My how those colours become you! Very clever poetry, Kristen!

  2. This is a fun post! I love how you built a fun little rhythm into the poem.

  3. So fun - the colors and the words. And you are never too old to have fun!


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