Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Forward

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting this annual challenge.
Four short days ago, I was hoping for snow.  Just one day- a delay- something more than a dusting. My final long-shot wish after a weary winter of rain.  The joy of a snow day has eluded us once again this year.  Sleds lay unused for two years in a row, gathering dust in the garage, the box of hot chocolate unopened.  The marshmallows, now hardened white cubes, have been thrown away.   This weekend I decided to bring closure to winter and look forward to spring.

I visited my trees, as I do every March, to see how they're doing and whisper wishes of warmth.   Usually their grey branches need some waking up at this time of year, and I like to give them that encouragement.  What I found today both surprised and delighted my heart.  While the winter denied us a snow day, it granted early growth and green, open buds.  Soon, they will fluff out their pink feathers of flowers, and the sun will turn our world into a rainbow of color.  Thanks to my walk and discovery, I no longer mourn the loss of winter white.  I am ready to spring forward.


  1. Wow! That was very beautifully written. I love your picture too.

    I guess you could throw the marshmallows away and buy a new pack next year to try and celebrate winter coming and a hoping-for-snow party :)

  2. This is a beautiful word-picture! I have been feeling the same way about winter, but now I am ready to join you in the journey towards spring. Whisper some words of encouragement from me to your trees, too. Just in case a cold snap comes along and discourages them in their growth.

  3. You should hang out here. We've had more snow than I remember in quite some time. I would love to see "early growth and green, open buds." Perhaps I need to spend more time, "whisper(ing) wishes of warmth." (Loved the alliteration of this line.)



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