Thursday, March 7, 2013


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting this annual challenge.
As I made my rounds this evening, I could see all the faces of parents waiting patiently in the chairs of their children.  Some wore lines of worry, signs of anticipation, and stress.  Others laughed and made chit-chat with others who passed by.
I've seen it from both sides, as a giver and receiver of news.  Tonight's role was one of academic language, of progress and struggle, the glee of success, and the angst and frustration of work without gain.  But I've also patiently sat in those chairs many times.  I've known my own children's achievements and failures.  I've heard the news from the other side.
As both mother and teacher, I know what they're thinking.  I know that their child is the most important one in the school.  Their child is their joy and their world and their light, and only the best will do.  And they're right, because each child that enters my classroom is the most important one that I teach.  As both mother and teacher, I know that is true.


  1. No matter how careful, understanding and thoughtful you have always been, becoming a parent changes you as a teacher too. I love this: "each child that enters my classroom is the most important one that I teach." Well said.

  2. lovely ending. And an important thing to remember, especially with our conferences coming up.

  3. This is beautiful. How important it is so see each child as an individual, full of strengths, needing help with weaknesses. Sometimes our data collection systems of today overlook that. Such fortunate chldren to be in your care.


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