Monday, March 4, 2013

Not Quite...

Thank you to 
Two Writing Teachers for hosting this annual challenge.
I thought I was ready, but alas I am not.
I cannot engender a cohesive thought.
My words are all muddled,
I'm feeling befuddled,
My brain is all fuzzy and shot.

This was not the piece that I wanted to write,
But now I am witness to dwindling daylight.
I've run out of time,
All I have is this rhyme,
I thought I was ready... not quite.


  1. I've felt like this a few times too. I've started slicing as much as I can and saving them for another meals in the freezer ;).


  2. Do what you can and love it! We will keep reading :)

  3. Perhaps not what you intended - but this is great poetry! Pat yourself on the back and try again tomorrow to find what you are looking for...

  4. Not every day will be your best, but we are execising as we try. Keep exercising.

  5. Yay for getting that Slice in anyway.


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