Monday, March 18, 2013


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting this annual challenge.

My younger self could not predict
What she would be today
She would not have known she was brave enough
Or smart enough
Or strong enough

What would she have imagined
To think or do or say
She might have planned the perfect path
The easy road
The straightest course

But her steps have been uneven
At an intermittent pace
Could she predict she'd carry on
Sometimes stumbling
Often climbing
Always moving forward

She could not have had the foresight
To prepare herself for now
Today I whisper in her ear
You will persevere


  1. I loved this. What if when you were younger, your older self could whisper in your ear? I guess that's what parents are for...I often think back to my childhood and think about how I imagined this day would be - me the adult, and what I would become. I didn't know I'd still be me though!

  2. I love this poem...a little forward, a little, back...that has been the stuff of my life. xo

  3. I hope to give my sons and my students this message, too.

    You are smart enough
    You are strong enough

    Love it! Beautiful and simple... well chosen words.

  4. The message here is so true - we couldn't do the things we do today if it weren't for all the yesterdays that brought us to this point. Maybe not on paths we would have chosen for ourselves, but the paths to who we are and who we were meant to be.

  5. Oh, isn't it the truth. I don't think any of us have any idea what we will become. These words say a lot about your journey:

    She would not have known she was brave enough
    Or smart enough
    Or strong enough



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