Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Battle Plan

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting this annual challenge.

It's there, plotting and gathering force.  Resisting its advance, I deny it at first.  No time for this nonsense, I am Mother and Teacher, strong warrior of will!  I battle with vitamins and hot tea with honey, but I still do not stop.  If I deny its presence, it does not exist.  "Carry on, brave one," I tell myself.  "You will prevail, if only you are strong."

Despite my attempts to deny its power, it continues to strike. That ringing in my ear throws me off step, and that tickle way back, you know, all the way back in the back, bugs and teases and delights in each sneeze, sending its minions of germs marching onward.  The onslaught of fluids and vitamin C are no match for its blitzkrieg on my body.  So I finally rest.

This morning, I discover its final assault.  The strategy has prevailed- I can feel it in my chest.   The rasp in my cough proclaims my surrender.  I am done.  Defeated.  I am sick.


  1. Slog on brave warrior! In a few days or many hours you will defeat this sickness. What a wonderfully written description.

  2. Yup...my ding dang cold keeps reappearing. I think it is because of the active engagement of new recruits. Rest.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I hate that desperate feeling of knowing I'm coming down with something and still trying to fend it off. Rest!

  4. This is a great description of the terrible onslaught of that horrible enemy that brings the mighty to their knees. Feel better soon!


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