Monday, February 20, 2012

Starting again...

I think I should re-name this blog.  Starting Over?  Starting Again?  Starting and Stopping and Starting? 

I love to reflect on my instructional practice, and I love to write, but often for me the reflection takes place in my head without the writing; hence, my last blog post was over two years ago.  I could blame the lag on many things: moving to a new house, accepting a new position at a new school in my district (I am now a real, live, Reading Specialist!), or on our new puppy...she is the cutest, naughtiest Corgi ever...

BUT, wouldn't it have been better for me to chronicle all of these new changes along the way?  In retrospect at the time of all of these changes, I think it may have helped my stress-induced eye twitch to sort things out in writing.  :)

Reflecting back to my previous posts, I can see that on the surface my world hasn't changed as much as I had thought.  My laundry continues to be a mountain with unreachable peaks, my job still entails implementing reading assessments and RtII interventions, but I still have this feeling as though I have more to learn as an educator and more to share.  

So, here I go again...  Starting.  I tell my students that when good readers get stuck, they can hop over the word, keep reading, and then go back and figure it out by reading the sentence again.  I have been stuck on my blog for quite a while, but here I go, hopping over and Starting Again.

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